What To Get Your Brother for Christmas 2018

There’s no other time of the year that is quite like Christmas, but despite all the festivities going on around you in preparation for that special day, it might not always be that easy to get into the Christmas spirit, especially when you are struggling to figure out what to get your brother for Christmas. Whether you and your brother get on like a house on fire or spend half of the year arguing and wrestling each other, Christmas is always a time to put things aside and focus on each other. We’ve put together this helpful guide to get you started on picking out the perfect gift for your brother according to his hobbies and interests.

What To Get Your Brother for Christmas 2018

For the active brother:

1. Adidas Men’s Barricade V Classic Tennis Shoe

These Barricade tennis shoes by Adidas will make your brother feel like a million bucks. Inspired by riches, these gold, silver and green Special Edition tennis shoes just reek of money while managing to provide your beloved brother with the utmost comfort, support and flexibility.

2. Power Tower

Help your buff bro to keep get back into shape after the holiday season and get ready for the summer months with this Body Champ power tower. This simple but effective piece of training equipment features four different stations: a leg and knee raise station, pull up bar, push up bar and dip station. These will help your brother to get the most evenly spread workout of all his most important muscles so he’ll be ready to get back to his A-game in no time.

For the gaming brother:

3. Hand Held Gaming Console

Get your gamer brother out of his dark dingy room and away from his big screen. Does that sound impossible? Maybe the PlayStation Vita will be able to help. Your brother will love this sharp new gaming console with built-in Wi-Fi capability. All of his favorite games are available via PSN and the console is laid out just like a traditional PlayStation controller so his games will not be disrupted while he gets used to the new feel beneath his thumbs. Front and rear facing cameras, high definition touch screen and a growing library of accessible games will ensure that your brother never gets bored.

4. Two-Handed Control System

Why not encourage your beloved brother to add to his gaming repertoire and dive into some simulated flight games using this dual controller system by Saitek? Both the throttle and joystick controllers feature fully programmable buttons with illuminated buttons. The controllers also boast five adjustable handle positions so that they will fit your brother’s hands perfectly for the best gaming experience possible.

For the outdoor brother:

5. Professional Bike Multi-Tool

When your brother is out and about on his bike, its inevitable that he will get a punctured tire or some other kind of mechanical issue, once in a while. If he’s a more active rider, its even more likely that his bike will need a quick fix up. Used by novices and professionals alike, this Topeak Alien two-piece multifunction tool will always be a help in time of need. Its high-quality construction makes it durable and its 26 different tools are useful in many different situations. It comes with allen keys, wrenches, tire levels, screwdrivers and more. Don’t let your brother get stuck without this great tool.

6. Pentadome Camping Tent

When your brother and his friends want to hit the great outdoors, they are going to need somewhere to sleep when the sun goes down. Gift your sweet brother with this Wenzel Alpine three person tent and he’ll truly be a happy camper. Its shock-corded three pole fiberglass frame makes for light carrying and very easy setup. The double layered door and twin mesh windows allow for optimal air flow while the built-in door mat gives your brother a place to leave his shoes so he doesn’t get mud everywhere.

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For the motor-head brother:

7. Motocross Helmet, Gloves and Goggles Combo

You love your dear brother and care deeply about his well-being. This motocross safety combo is the perfect gift to give him this Christmas. The helmet is made out of 100% high quality materials with a removable liner for easy washing, and conforms to certified DOT standard. Its attractive green spatter pattern brings a bit of flare to your brother’s biking style. The gloves and goggles add extra protection in case of falls and the occasional accident.

8. Bluetooth GPS System

Never let your brother get lost again by gifting him this Garmin Nuvi GPS system with lifetime maps and traffic. This intelligent system includes the Smartphone Link, a free mobile app which allows your brother to link it with his smartphone and access information such as desired locations. When your brother is driving, he will be able to see what’s coming up and what services and destinations are located in upcoming areas so he will know in advance when to make the right turns. This device is especially useful when your adventurous brother is out in the wilderness on a trip or a long drive in a place that is unfamiliar to him and his companions.

For the artistic brother:

9. Double Paint Brush Set

Your creative, artistic brother needs to be able to take his tools with him wherever he goes so he will never miss the chance to capture something truly breathtaking on paper or canvas. With this double brush set comes in the perfect organized carry case that has more than enough space for all fifteen brushes while being small enough to fit into a backpack or even your brother’s pocket. Each brush is made up of razor edge anti-shedding synthetic hairs, gold-tone ferrules and long black handles. The brushes include bright, flat, angle, shadier and more.

10. Fine Crafted Oil Paints

Treat your brother to something special this year and gift him these professional grade, pre-tested professional oil paints. Made right here in the USA, these top grade paints are made with alkali refined linseed oil and will give your painter brother the most bright and vibrant colors to cover his canvas. Some colors in the set include Phthalo Blue, Thio Violet, Burnt Umber, Titanium White and Yellow Ochre. Who knows, maybe your brother will even thank you for this great gift by painting you something beautiful in return.

Getting a gift that too for someone special like a brother is never easy. Hope the above compilation helps you to decide what to get your brother for Christmas.

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