Unique christmas gifts for her 2018

Christmas day is coming in a matter of months. Although it might feel far off now, you’re going to start seeing those lights and decorations up soon enough! Don’t make the same mistake as everyone else by waiting until after Black Friday to start buying unique Christmas gifts for her. Now is the time to think about shopping for her gift!

Gifts aren’t the most important part of the holidays, but they do contribute in a special way. When you give your wife a well thought-out gift you are going to show her how much she means to you. A gift is another opportunity for you to demonstrate your love and bring the two of you closer together.

Opening up a special gift from a loved one on Christmas morning is a priceless moment. Sharing it with your wife will bring happy memories for you to relive down the road! Now, the question you’re probably asking is “What to get my wife for Christmas?”.

Christmas Present Ideas for Your Wife

Every person is unique. Just because your friend’s wife liked a certain gift does not guarantee that your wife will like the same thing. You’ll have to think about an idea and consider how your wife would like it, based on what you know about her.

  • Would she like something expensive and beautiful or does she prefer practical or homemade gifts?
  • Perhaps your wife would like to go for a special trip or outing instead of getting a physical gift?

This Christmas is all about making your loved ones happy. You know better than anyone else what she would like most, so take the time now to think about it and have a plan ahead of time. Don’t struggle with What to buy your wife for Christmas when it’s already too late!

How to Choose Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

It’s not always easy to choose the perfect gift year after year, but here’s a bit of advice to help you along the way. This is our guide on picking Xmas gift ideas for your wife:

  • Think about Her Personality

There’s a good chance that you already know what your wife would like the most for the holidays; you just have to think about it! What is it that she goes frequently? Does she have a hobby? Is there something she talks about wanting or needing? If you can’t think of anything right now, pay attention to her and see if you can come up with an idea based on what you observe.

  • Find Something She Appreciates and Enjoys

Christmas gifts should make your wife feel very happy and appreciated. Practical gifts can be nice, but they might not make her feel special to you. Look for something that is going to be enjoyable to her and not just something that she might use in her everyday responsibilities.

  • Don’t Under- or Over-Spend

Getting a gift that’s very cheap might send the wrong message, while a very expensive gift is not always practical. Sometimes your wife may feel guilty if you have spent a large amount of money on her for a gift. Between $50 and $200 is generally a good price range to consider.

  • Start Looking NOW!

If you wait until November or December you might not find the gifts you want, the crowds will be much larger at stores, and prices might be higher than they should be. It’s a good idea to check into gifts before the Christmas shopping season officially begins.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of Unique Gifts

Maybe your wife would love a nice perfume or gourmet chocolates, but perhaps she would prefer something more unique instead. There are all sorts of things out there to look at for your wife, so don’t limit yourself to just what is expected for a women’s Christmas gift! Any list of Christmas gifts for your wife is just a guide to go by, not necessarily a checklist.

What to Buy Your Wife for Christmas 2018

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for your wife this year!

1. Ugg Aira Slippers

Ugg is known for making stylish, comfortable boots, but they also make some slippers that are to die for! Christmas comes right in the beginning of the winter season, and nothing will help to protect your wife’s feet from the cold like these slippers.

The insides are lined with sheepskin that will keep enough air moving around so her feet won’t get stinky or sweaty, but they will be perfectly warm and cozy. They come in a few different color choices like navy blue, chestnut brown, or black. This kind of gift shows your wife that you want her to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

She can even wear these Aira slippers outside when needed, because they have tough rubber soles on the bottoms. If you consider the high quality these were made with, the comfort they’ll give your wife, and the warmth provided, then this is an ideal gift to keep her happy throughout the entire Christmas and winter seasons for years to come!

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Business Computer Tote

The modern working woman needs something stylish, yet professional to take with her to the office, the field, meetings, or anywhere else she made need to work. A bag like this will be the perfect addition to her professional attire. It’s a really great Christmas gift for your wife because it says to her that you appreciate her time and efforts to do well at her work, and that you want her to succeed in her career.

This beautiful bag is the perfect size for laptops up to 16 inches wide. Even tablets can be secured in a specially built pocket, as well as a smart phone and any chargers needed. All of this plus it has space left over for files and folders, paperwork, pens, and everything else she may need at work. Kenneth Cole designed this bag with the working woman in mind, and your wife’s coworkers will be so jealous when they see her carrying it into work after the holidays!

3. 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets by Exceptional Sheets

Do you want your wife to sleep better at night? Don’t underestimate the value of a great pair of sheets! These are 1000 thread count sheets that are going to make her so comfortable she will probably want to snuggle up all day in bed. Making your wife comfortable will really help you to show her how much you appreciate her.

Every night when she goes to sleep on these sheets she will feel that breathable Egyptian cotton and instantly get relaxed. Summer or winter, these are fantastic bedsheets! You can get them for full, queen, king, or California king size beds and choose between a large selection of gorgeous colors. Whatever you choose, you can feel confident knowing that these well-made sheets are going to be keeping your wife comfortable for many years to come.

4. UP3 Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity, and Sleep Tracker

Not only is this a rather unique looking bracelet, but it’s a very handy activity tracker as well. If your wife is into athletics at all, or even if she just wants to know more about her sleeping habits, she’ll find this to be a useful and thoughtful gift. UP3’s wristband actually makes an ideal Christmas gift to help your wife keep up a New Year’s resolution for better fitness!

This item is able to do a lot. It acts as a health monitor throughout the day to track certain stats about you. During the night it records your sleep states for you to see in the morning. It can also wake you up at your programmed time without making a sound! With 7 days of battery life and the ability to sync with apps for Android 4.3 and up or iPhone 4S and up, it’s hard to go wrong with this gift.

5. Art of Appreciation Essence of Luxury Vanilla Spa and Body Gift Set

If you want something luxurious to give your wife, this is an absolutely fantastic idea! You might not know about spa and body items to give her, but these gift bag designers certainly do. This particular set revolves around vanilla scents and flavors, making for an absolutely incredible relaxation and pampering session for your wife. Holiday stress can really take its toll of your wife, so this gift basket will help her to shed the stress and get into a better state of mind.

Upon first site your wife will be thrilled by the gorgeous hand-crafted wrapping and the large wooden basket. She’ll be enjoying this gift for months after she gets it, because everything in the basket is meant to be used for a while, not just once.

This basket includes a cotton spa towel, butter cookies, handmade caramels, vanilla scented spa items (body lotion, bath gel, body scrub, body butter, bath salts, and hand soap), body and sisal scrubbers, Vanilla potpourri, Café latte, and the basket itself.

6. Eco-Friendly Women’s Long Sleeve Pajamas by Texere

Bamboo isn’t just food for pandas, it also makes incredibly soft fabrics. These are beautifully designed, silky soft bamboo pajamas for your wife to wear around the house and sleeping. A Christmas gift like this says to your wife that you want her to feel luxurious all the time!

For the winter, autumn, and early spring nights when the air is chilly, a set of pajamas such as these are irreplaceable. The best part is that even if she has sensitive skin or some sort of skin allergies, these are still a great choice because bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic good for sensitive skin types.

If your wife loves eco-friendly things, this is also the ideal set of pajamas for her, because the fabric is sourced from sustainable bamboo farms with minimal environmental impact. The threads are biodegradable once thrown out, but can still be machine washed for convenience.

7. Philips PureRadiance Multi-Speed Skin Cleansing System

While it may seem like an odd gift to you, you might be surprised how much your wife would like something like this! This is a facial deep-cleanser to help the skin glow with radiant beauty every day. It’s gentle on the skin, yet effective for cleaning out pores and getting all sorts of dirt, makeup, and whatnot from the face.

Your wife is going to appreciate this as a Christmas gift especially, since you guys will be going to more social events, visiting people, and dressing up a lot more and this is a perfect device for cleaning off makeup! Normally makeup removal is very tiresome, and it’s a bit difficult to do. With this Philips device, she can take her makeup off completely within just a minute and be ready to hit the bed and sleep more quickly after a long day!

The sonic technology used by this device is going to do a very effective job at dislodging dirt and residue and knocking it off the face and out of her pores. It’s great for use before moisturizing and it makes her skin glow daily.

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Set

You can never have enough makeup; that is the truth! A set of lip gloss like this Anastasia package gives your wife the deep colors she’ll want for the winter season as well as the right shades to last her through the rest of the upcoming seasons as well. It’s a uniquely great Christmas gift because it’s going to help making getting ready easier for her. More options are going to make your wife feel even more beautiful, and she is going to appreciate that!

This set gives you a range of colors from a shining nude color to a deep burgundy red. In between there are plenty of light pink, dark pink, and red colors to provide your wife a lot of great choices. There is a total of 8 lip glosses included in this set.

9. Breville JE98XL Juicer

Is your wife into juicing veggies or drinking healthy smoothies? Even if she isn’t, this kind of appliance could interest her if she wants to start getting a healthier diet. Juicers can help her to stay healthy and energetic during the rush after Christmas and for every day back to work after the holidays are over.

This Breville juicer has a 3-inch wide feed chute to put fruit and veggies into the grinder. You can make any veggies and fruits into juice in just about 5 seconds. The stainless steel cutting disc is really effective at keeping all the good stuff in the juice without wasting any of the nutrients. All of the parts are machine washable, so your wife won’t even have to hassle to clean it after making each round of juice.

10. Picnic Time 5-Piece Garden Tool Set

Does your wife enjoy gardening or want to start planting outside? Here’s a handy collection of gardening tools, a foldable seat, and a carrying tote to help her out. This nifty gift is a perfect Christmas gift to get her all prepared for the spring planting season.

The portable gardening seat included in this set works really effectively and is held together with a steel frame to support almost any weight. Each of the 5 included tools has its own pocket that it easily slips into, and all of this can fit snugly in the tote bag for storage and mobility. Once she hits the garden with this toolkit in her possession, you may not see her again until it gets too dark to keep going with the garden!

11. Kitchen Herb Kit

Herbs are certainly a tasty addition to a meal, especially fresh herbs. If your wife enjoys cooking and likes all things fresh, this gift would make her absolutely ecstatic! If she opens it on Christmas morning, she’ll be able to use the herbs for the upcoming spring holidays like Easter! It’s a great fit, because the mint included in the kit is an herb usually associated with Easter dinners.

Three herb seeds are included in the kit, along with everything she’s going to need to get them going and keep them healthy. Basil, Parsley, and Mint seeds come in their own separate self-watering jars. Not only will your wife be able to have fresh, savory herbs all year round, but she won’t have to remember to water them all the time either. The kit also includes some plant food and a growth medium for them to use inside the jar.

Those who live in the city might especially like this herb kit. Country dwellers probably have outdoor space to grow herbs, but anyone in the city knows that outdoor space can be hard to come by, making a window jar the perfect alternative.

12. Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer

If your wife loves photos, this is a great idea for her. It’s a newly released device from Fujifilm that can instantly print pictures as soon as they are shared from a synced smartphone app! Your wife can take it around anywhere with her, because it’s battery powered with USB recharging. Since she will inevitably be taking a lot of pictures around Christmas and New Year’s, this is a great Christmas present to help her save and share those memories.

This is a small laser printer that takes as few as 10 seconds to print out a high quality image as soon as it’s shared from the smart phone application. All she has to do is take a photo with her phone, send it to the app, and receive the printed picture once it’s done. Whether or not she’s good with technology, that is a very easy process for anyone. The result is a great looking picture printed on the spot!

13. Lava Rock Cooking/Sharing Platter LR2

Even if your wife doesn’t particularly like cooking, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself when you’re using a lava rock cooking platter! These are very interesting and unique gifts, because they are both highly functional and very entertaining. Your wife is going to love this as a Christmas gift because it will make holiday meals easier and more enjoyable for all.

The cooking platter in this set is made from authentic lava tock from Sicily’s Mount Etna. It measures 16.5” x 10” x 1.2” inches and is great for sharing with 4 – 6 others. Lava rocks hold heat exceptionally well. What you do to make it work is put it in the oven, one the stovetop, or on a grill for about 15 – 20 minutes until it’s fully hot. After that, you place it on the included rest and you can use the stone for cooking for up to 45 minutes after it’s been heated.

Thinly sliced steaks, seafood, shish kebabs, burgers, or anything else can be cooked on a lava rock. The sharing platter is large enough to fit all the meat for your family or friends at once, rather than everyone needing their own individual stones. Be prepared to have a lot more fun mealtimes!

14. Gourmet Copper French Press Set with 4 Mugs

Something about French pressed coffee just tastes so much better than regular brewed coffees! This handy set makes it easy for your wife to get that more authentic, scrumptious coffee taste any time of the day. She can enjoy a nice-sized pot of regular or espresso by herself or share with a few others in matching mugs. It’s a fantastic gift to open on Christmas morning, and she may even be able to use it that day to make a pot of fragrant French coffee!

She won’t be limited to only making coffee either. It’s possible to make a lot of different hot or cold drinks in this attractive French press. You can use it anywhere, even if you’re traveling, because it doesn’t need any power source to work. The copper designs on the jug and cups are absolutely stunning and will really look great for any occasion or for everyday use.

Each of the 4 included cups has a 400ml capacity, while the main jug can hold 600ml. Your wife won’t ever need to stop at a coffeehouse again to get her daily fill of well brewed coffee. This French press can make rich and full-bodied coffee in a matter of only a few minutes, so it’s perfect even in the mornings before work.

15. Yeti Rambler Tumbler Stainless Steel, 30oz

A nice on the go tumbler cup could be what your wife secretly wants for Christmas this year. In particular, a Yeti brand tumbler like this 30oz. cup would be a great gift for her. Once she unwraps it on Christmas day, she can immediately start getting her caffeine fix throughout the day without having to make a lot of separate drinks. That’s because the Yeti cup will keep her drinks hot or cold for hours and hours every day without a problem.

It doesn’t matter if she likes to sip all day around the house or if she if out and about and needs a good tumbler cup, this one has got her covered. The BPA free 18/8 stainless steel is study and safe for boiling hot or icy cold drinks alike. Temperature can really affect how much she’s going to enjoy that drink throughout the day. Now, with a Yeti tumbler cup, she won’t be forced to sip a lukewarm mess. Instead, it will be nice and hot or chilled, depending on what it’s supposed to be.

When you touch the outside of the cup, you wouldn’t even know there’s a hot or cold drink inside of it. The outside temperature changes very little with any liquid that’s put inside, making it ideal for drinking in any situation. She could even leave the icy drink in a hot car for hours and still expect it to be cold when she went to drink it again. Now that’s a useful cup!

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wife 2017

Maybe your wife doesn’t have conventional tastes in gifts. What can you choose then? There are actually a lot of unique gifts out that to choose from as well! Check out a few of these unique Christmas gift ideas for your wife and see what you think:

1. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Fresh herbs and small veggies are always appreciated. If your wife is a fan of indoor veggie and herb gardens, or if you think that’s something she may like, this is a great kit to get started. It’s just bit enough to grow a useful amount of vegetation without taking up too much space. By the time she gets this at Christmas, your wife could have fully grown veggies or herbs to use before spring even starts!

She can set it on a countertop or table inside without worrying about sunlight because of the included grow lights. No soil is used in this little gardening system, but the plants grow quickly and are perfectly healthy. 6 different seeds with their ideal plant foods are included: Genovese Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Curly Parsley, Dill, and Mint. 3 oz. of plant food is given to start you off, and you can get more whenever you need it if you want to keep your indoor gardening going strong for years.

It might take some time for a few of the seed pods to sprout, but once they do they will grow very healthy and will usually be able to be transplanted to dirt after a short time.

2. Philips Morning Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation

Before you skip this item on the list, consider this: if your wife hates mornings or has a hard time waking up, this might be the best gift you ever give her. Wake up lights are known to make mornings better for more than 90% of people using this type of alarm. Give your wife the gift of better mornings and more satisfying sleep this Christmas!

This Philips wake up light has a nicely colored sunrise simulation that starts dimly at 30 minutes before the set alarm time. Within that 30 minutes it gradually gets brighter and brighter until it’s almost as bright as the actual sun! As surprising as it may sound, this actually helps make it easier to wake up and to enjoy your morning more.

Winter can be the worst time for waking up, as it might be dark and cloudy no matter what time of day the alarm is set to go off. This is the gift of sunlight in the morning and a fresh start every day; it makes for a thoughtful gift which could potentially be life-changing.

3. RolliBot Automatic Vacuum Robot Sweeper

Not everyone has the time of day to do everything that should be done. If your wife has too much on her plate already, or if she just hates vacuuming, this little robotic vacuum cleaner will become her best friend around the house! Just turn it on and let it go and it’s going to drive around your home and vacuum up whatever it can. Show your wife how valuable her time is to you this Christmas!

The RolliBot is multi-functional, because it has a UV light that will sterilize the floor as it’s being vacuumed. She can also attach a mop addition to it and make it do the mopping as well. Your wife is going to get 100 minutes of use out of this vacuum for each time it runs. That’s long enough to cover a large part of the home and to save her a lot of trouble doing the vacuuming by hand.

Robotic vacuums are very convenient and actually work fairly effectively to get the place cleaned up. This particular vacuum has HEPA type filter traps that will help capture even the smallest dust particles instead of releasing them back into your home’s air. There’s a one-year warranty just in case something goes wrong within that time.

4. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler 3-Month Gift Subscription

As far as unique gifts come, this is a fantastic and very unexpected choice for many people! If you choose this coffee-lovers dream gift, your wife will enjoy 4 different gourmet roasted coffee beans delivered to your doorstep every month. Bean Box has a variety of fantastic roasts available to keep your wife trying something new at least 4 times every month. If you’re married to a coffee lover, she will be very impressed with this gift that keeps giving for at least 3 months. Who knows, maybe she’ll want to renew the subscription after it expires!

Each bag of coffee sent is a whole bean roast from a local artisan coffee maker in Seattle. There are a lot of award-winning roasts made by these coffee makers, so your wife and you can look forward to enjoying the tastes as unique as this gift every month. Included are also some brewing tips, tasting notes, and roaster profiles so you can get to know what you’re drinking and how to best enjoy it together.

5. NOVICA Cotton Tropical Décor Fabric Yellow and Orange Double Hammock

While a hammock doesn’t seem like a traditional Christmas gift, this stunning hammock makes a rather wonderful gift for your wife. It’s an all-cotton hammock with bright yellow, orange, and white fabrics making up the details. This hammock is going to remind your wife of spring and summer, making it a lovely Christmas gift as a reminder that winter won’t last forever.

Remember, you can also mount a hammock inside, so even if it’s too cold to use it outside you can still set it up for your wife to relax in style inside your home or closed-in porch area. You won’t find such a beautiful hammock in your average outdoor store. The Brazilian Beach styling with draping lacework hanging from the sides adds a touch of elegance that makes it a fantastic addition to your inside or outside space.

Arguably the best part about this particular hammock from NOVICA is that it’s certified fair trade, meaning that the people who made it were paid fair wages for their work and are making a reasonable living. This artisanal hammock was hand made with exceptional skill and high quality, both of which can be seen when you lay your eyes on it for the first time! It can support up to 450lb. of weight, so you and your wife can both enjoy it together.


What do you think of these Christmas gift ideas for your wife? Do any of them jump out as something she might really like?

If you asked me, some of my favorite additions to the list have to be the Art of Appreciation Vanilla Gift Basket, the Wake-Up Light, and the Lava Rock cooking platter. These are all very special gifts that can be enjoyed thoroughly by your wife. The gift basket and hammock are both very relaxing gifts which will last for a while, and the Lava Rock platter is a highly entertaining, enjoyable gift that makes cooking less of a chore.

Good luck finding the perfect gift for your wife, and happy holidays to you both!

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