Top 10 Cool Christmas Presents 2017

Christmas is the season which is all about being happy and keeping others happy and the best way to do that is to give your loved ones some cool Christmas presents. We are all different people with different tastes and different likings. Therefore, it is always better to present people with something that they would prefer to own. Here are some of the coolest presents you can give to your loved ones based on their preference and likings.

1. Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS Digital Camera ( $$$ )

Canon PowerShot ELPHThis swanky digital camera is an ideal gift for those who love to capture those special moments of their life and keep them forever. It is especially great for those who are into photography just for the fun of it. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 captures some brilliant images with its 16.1 megapixel resolution and 5x zoom lens. It also comes in several attractive colors.

2. Wasabi Power Battery and New Charger for GoPro Cameras ($$ )

Wasabi Power Battery

For a friend or relative who owns a GoPro HERO3+, HERO3, AHDBT-201, AHDBT-301 or AHDBT-302, this could be an extremely useful present. It will help them keep their cameras ready for action at all times by ensuring that they are fully charged and there is enough backup power.

3. Sony 32 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card ( $$ )

Sony 32 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

People who love taking photographs or filming videos like to do it on a regular basis. So if your friend or relative has a camera or camcorder, you can provide them with some extra memory space with this 32 GB Memory Card from Sony. Apart from the space, it also has a great transfer speed of 40MB per second.


4. The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss ($)The 4-Hour Chef

There may be someone close to you who has a real penchant for cooking and also cooks well. The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss may be just about the perfect gift for such a person as he or she can learn more about cooking and even try to take it a step further if possible.

5. PowerGen Dual Port USB Car Charger for Apple and Android devices ( $ )

PowerGen Dual Port USB Car Charger for Apple and Android devices

You may have friends who spend more time in their car than they do at home, possibly due to their busy schedule. For such friends, this dual port car charger from PowerGen could be helpful as it will allow them to charge their Apple or Android device on the move.


6. Apple TV MD199LL/A ( $$ )

Apple TV MD199LL/A (Current Version)The Apple TV is the best present that you can give to your TV or Internet buff pal. He or she can use it for a number of purposes such as watching TV & movies, video streaming, playing games, listening to music, viewing images and other activities.

7. Garmin nuvi 50LM 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator ( $$ )

Garmin nüvi 50LM 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps

There are some friends and relatives who love driving and can spend hours exploring the city in their cars. For them, this portable navigator from Garmin can be a great present as they can keep a track of where they are heading.

8. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book ( $$ )

 cool Christmas presents

You can present this book to your creative friends who have been craving to learn Adobe Premiere Pro C5 but haven’t been able to figure out a way to do it.

9. VonZipper Elmore Square Sunglasses ( $$ )

VonZipper Elmore Square Sunglasses

These stylish sunglasses can be a wonderful present for your fashionable friend and they are sure to love it.

10. Premium Vegetable Slicer ( $$ )

Premium V Spiral Slicer - Vegetable SpiralizerFor a friend or relative who has to multitask, especially in the kitchen, the Premium Vegetable Slicer can be a useful accessory as it makes the job of slicing vegetables very easy and brisk for them.

With Christmas not too far away, the time is right for you to decide on which one of these cool Christmas presents will suit whom among your near and dear ones.

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