When to Send Out Christmas Cards ?

best-wishes-to-you-and-your-familySending out Christmas cards, especially ones made by hand, can be a time-consuming process. Thankfully, due to Tiny Prints, customized Christmas cards can be created and sent much faster, with the same unique personal touch as homemade cards. Nevertheless, that doesn't eliminate the need for Christmas card planning!

First, you need to know who is going to be on your mailing list. While some people choose to send holiday cards only to their family and closest friends, others like to send out as many Christmas cards as they can manage. Cards can be sent to distant relatives, acquaintances, classmates, and business associates.

Gathering your list will take anywhere between one day and one week, but if you have an existing list from last year, it might only take a few minutes to add new names for 2015. The ideal time to have your cards arrive is mid-December. This is the time when people will be on the lookout for cards in their mailbox, as most families prefer to open cards before Christmas or the New Year.

When planning to send Christmas cards, it's best to have your cards ready by Thanksgiving so that you can sign, seal, and stamp them within a week or two. If you're using an online mailing service, like the one Tiny Prints offers, you can wait a bit longer to send out your cards - but don't wait too long!

Keep in mind the distance that you will have to send the cards as well. For instance, if you are sending cards overseas by the US Postal Service, they could take more than two weeks to arrive.

The latest you should send out cards is the second week of December. If the postal service takes two weeks to deliver, your Christmas cards should arrive just in the nick of time.

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Christmas is synonymous with joy, decorations, good food and well wishes. People across the globe celebrate this festival with immense happiness and many of them send Christmas cards and mailers to their family, friends, and colleagues to offer warm wishes of the festival as one of your greatest Christmas gift ideas following the Christmas traditions of giving. The best way to give a personal touch to a Christmas card is by writing your own Christmas greeting card messages. [Read more...]

Christmas Greetings Wishes Quotes and Messages

Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ is on December 25th every year. Christmas trees are decorated and Christmas carols are enjoyed on the Christmas day. People love to wish Christmas to their near and dear ones with Christmas messages. We have latest Christmas greetings , Christmas wishes, Christmas quotes and Christmas messages this year for sending. Christmas is a time to celebrate so, complete your celebration by greeting the people close to you and make everyone a part of your Christmas celebration by texting happy Christmas greetings to them. Give presents to your loved ones and don’t forget to send them merry Christmas greetings with them.

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